The Chameleon™ angioplasty balloon catheter from AV Medical Technologies, Ltd. was featured in a presentation at the recent Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe (CIRSE) annual conference held in Barcelona, Spain. The Chameleon™ was among a select group of products featured in the Radiation Protection Pavilion to increase awareness of radiation protection and dose management. With its Supervision™ design, Chameleon™ is the only angioplasty balloon catheter that allows for simultaneous balloon inflation and injection of fluids in one device. Chameleon™ allows physicians to visualize by injecting contrast through the catheter, whether the balloon is inflated or deflated, all while maintaining wire position.

Gabriel Bartal, MD, FCIRSE, FSIR, Director Dept. of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at Meir Medical Center in Israel, presented the findings of a pre-clinical study comparing fluoroscopy time for Chameleon™ versus standard balloon catheters during retrograde fistula procedures. “The Chameleon design provides a simple solution
to address two of the variables that impact radiation dose for interventional procedures—fluoroscopy time and distance from the radiation source,” said Dr. Bartal. “Our pre-clinical results showed more than a 60% decrease in fluoroscopy time using the Chameleon™ compared to a standard PTA balloon catheter. This reduction is directly related to the design of the Chameleon™ that eliminates several balloon catheter exchanges following the initial balloon inflation. This reduction, coupled with Chameleon’s capability of increasing the operator’s distance from the radiation source, should lead to a significant reduction of patient as well as operator’s radiation exposure.”

“We are delighted that the Chameleon™ was selected to support the educational efforts at CIRSE,” said Limor Sandach, AV Medical CEO. “The experience with our limited launch in the US replicates the findings discussed at the Radiation Protection Pavilion at the CIRSE conference. Physicians are impressed by the reduction of catheter exchanges, shorter procedures and reduced fluoroscopy times with the Chameleon™. We look forward to further experience in the market and to additional discussions around the important topic of radiation protection.”

About AV Medical

AV Medical Technologies Ltd, a privately held medical device company headquartered in Israel, is dedicated to the development of advanced and efficient solutions in catheter-based interventions. The company is now focusing on its flagship catheter, the Chameleon™, targeted for dialysis patients undergoing routine angioplasty procedures. The company was founded by Dr. Michael Tal, Interventional Radiologist and serial entrepreneur.