AV Medical Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a symposium featuring its Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter at the 13 Annual ASDIN Scientific Meeting in New Orleans.

Jeffrey Hoggard, MD, Interventional Nephrologist with North Carolina Nephrology, P.A., will lead the session entitled, “Angioplasty and Imaging Combined: Introducing Chameleon™–The Next Generation of Dialysis Access Balloons,” on Friday, February 10 . The discussion will highlight the unique features of the Chameleon™ design and include case reviews that illustrate its clinical benefits.

“We are excited to share the Chameleon™ story with a broader group of physicians who are dedicated to maintaining vascular access for their dialysis patients,” said Limor Sandach, CEO of AV Medical. “We look forward to a successful meeting.”

With its Supervision™ design, Chameleon™ allows operators to inject diagnostic or therapeutic fluids through the catheter at any time during the procedure, whether the balloon is inflated or deflated, all while maintaining wire position.

About AV Medical

AV Medical Technologies Ltd, a privately held medical device company headquartered in Israel, is dedicated to the development of advanced and efficient solutions in catheter-based interventions. The company is now focusing on its flagship catheter, the Chameleon™, targeted for dialysis patients undergoing routine angioplasty procedures. The company was founded by Dr. Michael Tal, Interventional Radiologist and serial entrepreneur.